4XPaw Adventure Walks

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4XPaw Adventure Walks

About Course

‘4XPaw Adventures’ from The Dog Trainer School. The perfect Socialisation opportunity for puppies and their owners. We've developed a unique concept initially aimed at puppies that can enhance your client's experience and expand your current services. Let us share with you how to optimise your earnings, guide your customers on exciting adventures, and elevate your clients and their dog's learning experience. 

Course content

videoBackground1 m Start
videoWho's it for?1 m Start
videoPart 1 - Things to take with you1 m Start
videoPart 2 - Things to leave at your vehicle1 m Start
videoWhere to Purchase your Kit2 m Start
video4XPaw Adventures Online Course15 s Start
videoWelcome30 s Start
videoWhat You Will Learn1 m Start
videoOur Story1 m Start
videoCourse Outline3 m Start
video4XPaw Adventures 'Puppy & Cake'52 s Start
videoWhat is 4XPaw Adventures?1 m Start
videoSocialisation1 m Start
videoSocialisation Part 21 m Start
videoSocialisation Considerations1 m Start
videoOverview3 m Start
videoLocation & Parking2 m Start
videoAccessibility & Refreshments2 m Start
videoTimings & Permissions2 m Start
videoTip30 s Start
videoOverview1 m Start
videoPublic Liability30 s Start
videoWaivers1 m Start
videoFirst Aid2 m Start
videoRisk Assessments30 s Start
videoRisk Assessments Part 230 s Start
videoRisk Assessment Template1 m Start
videoThe Overview1 m Start
videoPart 12 m Start
videoPart 23 m Start
videoWhat to teach1 m Start
videoPricing your adventure1 m Start
videoGuide1 m Start
videoMarketing2 m Start
videoThank you!1 m Start

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4XPaw Adventures

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